Redefine Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. finally gave his resignation. He was a founder and co-founder of hundreds of US patents. There were several of products invented during his tenure and gained popularity worldwide. I am going to tell you how the Jobs became the business giant despite of having a low profile education in his childhood.I am going to show you the products launched under his direction, and how he became the big name in the field of technology. 1. Apple I The Apple I, also known as the Apple-1, is a personal computer released by Apple in 1976. They were designed by Steve Wozniak friend of Jobs and Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. The Apple I was Apple’s first product. 2. Apple II The Apple II is a personal computer, one of the first highly successful computer products, designed by Steve Wozniak, manufactured by Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.). It was introduced in 1977. It’s production ceased in November 1993. 3. Macintosh The Macintosh or Mac, is a series of personal computers by designed Apple Inc. The first Macintosh was introduced in 1984. It was the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface (GPU). 4. NeXT NeXT was founded in 1985 by Steve Jobs after he was fired from Apple. NeXT introduced the first NeXT Computer in 1988. Though the sale of the computers were limited but it was considered very influential computer systems. 5. iMac The iMac is a range of Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple. It was founded when Jobs returned back to Apple. iMac changed the definition of desktop computers as it captured the eyes of millions around the globe. 6.iPod iPod is the first successful portable digital media player. Released in 2001, it brought the revolution across the globe in the field of portable media players. 7. iTunes iTunes is a media player software, used for playing and organizing music and video files on computers. It is also used for managing contents for the “i” series gadgets of Apple. Apple also launched the iTunes Store which brought together all the major tracks from major labels.The store became the largest music store in US in 2008. 8. iPhone iPhone is the multimedia smartphone launched by Apple. It made the working of smartphone very popular as it was easy to access. Soon it captured the global market in the field of mobile phones too. 9. iPad iPad is a tablet computers series from Apple which was released in 2010. Sooner it captured the tablet market of the world as it redefines the portable computing.