Inspired Products

Inspired Products

The sages say that “I learnt a great deal from my teachers, and even more from my colleagues, and the most from my students.” From one’s teachers one receives light. From one’s students, one receives vessels. And since the root of vessels is higher than the root of the lights (inspiration), then it is considered more.

When a person doesn’t have particular knowledge, he can’t help others. Even if a person has been in Chassidut, learning for a number of years, and even if he’s tried meditating, but everything still remains in general principles for him. The same is true when it comes to science.

A person can be with enough knowledge for giving a shiur (Torah class) in a yeshivah (Talmudic seminary), but he doesn’t have enough particular knowledge to be able to give rulings, psakim. The difference in the end is the amount of particular points of knowledge, the number of details he hold in his head. This is relatively something external. It is not yet, how one gets a sense for helping others.

Excerpted and adapted from the weekly shiur given 14 Shevat 5773 from Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh.

*As we discussed in our essay “Should Apple Have Been Named Carob Computer?” the most primary concept is portable knowledge, and the ability to divide or measure bits of information into smaller and smaller parts)

We read the news. See something interesting. Then move on to the next story. Wait a minute. There’s something missing with this. We help you get back to Point A. What drew millions to these stories to begin with, and how can companies continuously draw people back? In other words: How do you stay exciting?

There’s a reason why people like one thing over another. It comes down to concept. While the product may change many times, if people connect with the concept, then no matter what version or upgrade or service level you release-people will come back.

What does it mean to connect (Facebook), follow (Twitter) or link (LinkedIn) with someone? Why do so many people like smart phones and tablets? Bottled water companies don’t own the trademark on “pure” and smart phone makers don’t own the trademark on “communication.” But by staying true to the idea, they can show that they are vested in the pursuit of knowledge. The continual development and progression of ideas.